Get virtual text-only mobile numbers for individual departments and/or individual staff members

Communicating by text message is what your customers want. It is instant and mobile. From a company's point of view, although sending a text message has a charge (albeit small), the benefits are enormous. It means you get your message read instantly and get a response instantly - how much is that worth?


Contacts txtUS enterprise

tiny txtusEnterprise - is a unique service from Text Marketer that allows companies to have multiple virtual text-only mobile numbers linked to specific email addresses. So, you could have a number for enquiries, sales or customer service for example or even a number per member of staff.

What are the benefits?

• Text messaging works on all phones. It is instant and it's people's favoured communication channel.
• It saves time and money compared to leaving voicemail messages or having phone conversations.
• 2/3rds of Britons want to deal with companies by text. You will be one of few companies that do.
• The txtUs system simply works via email from your point of view. No new technology to understand.


What are the costs?

• Rather like a normal mobile number, there is a monthly rental charge. With Enterprise the more numbers you have, the lower the monthly charge per number, based on the following scale;
- 2-5 numbers are £8.50 per number per month
- 6-8 numbers are £7.50 per number per month
- 9-11 numbers are £6.50 per number per month
- 12-14 numbers are £5.50 per number per month
- 15+ numbers are £4.50 per number per month

• You don't pay for any incoming messages to your numbers but there's a charge for sending a message out or replying. The cost for this is per message and based on our standard industry-lowest prices.


How do I set txtus enterprise Enterprise up?

We don’t have any setup fees or long term contracts, you simply pay quarterly, bi-annually or annually for your numbers and you can cancel at any time.

1. Sign up for a free account (or go to Step 2 if you have an account)
2. Use our Enquiry Form or Call Us and let us know how many numbers you want added to your account along with your account's details.
3. We will add the numbers to your account and send you an invoice for each one.
4. Once the invoices are paid your numbers will be available to configure on your account.


Use the txtus enterprise logo for added impact

More and more people are getting used to seeing the logo and immediately identifying that they can contact you by text message. Put it next to your number for greater impact.

Download the PNG Logo here (61kb. PNG Format.)


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