Our SMS Gateway integrates easily with software packages

To make things as simple and smart as possible we have developed a ‘plug-n-play’ system for our SMS Gateway. Working closely with software companies our Gateway system can be integrated quickly and reduce your SMS costs.

Below you will find a list of software packages that can be integrated with our SMS Gateway system. If this is something you are looking for then please see Form2SMS.


Google Contacts - SMS Integration

Google contacts is now used by many businesses and business applications and it is easy to understand why this cloud-based contact database is the choice of many. Whenever a contact is updated your Google contacts will synchronise automatically so that your contacts will always remain up to date.

Our Text Marketer system works with Google contacts so that you can instantly upload your Google contacts into your accounts address book and start sending them messages easily and quickly.

How to Integrate SMS with Google Contacts google

MailChimp - SMS Integration

You can easily integrate our Text Marketer SMS system with MailChimp, one of the world’s leading email providers. This will means you will be able to instantly send SMS’s from your MailChimp account through our Text Marketer system to any of your lists in MailChimp.

By integrating your MailChimp account you will be able to send an SMS to any of your lists in your MaiclChimp account via your Text Marketer account.

How to Integrate SMS sending and receiving with MailChimp 

WordPress Contact Form 7 - SMS Integration

Adding an SMS function to your Contact Form 7 means that you will receive a text alert when a customer submits a form on your site. Contact Form 7 supports Ajax-powered submitting, CAPTCHA and all the spam filters etc. but it also manages multiple contact forms and gives you the ability to customise the form and the mail contents.

How to Integrate SMS with WordPress Contact Form 7 


Magento - SMS Integration

Final SMS Pro is the leading SMS plugin for Magento which is one of the leading ecommerce platforms used today. We have worked with Final SMS Pro so that you can be provided with an excellent SMS service that gets our great low SMS prices.

How to Integrate SMS with Magento Ecommerce Software 


WordPress Gravity Forms - SMS Integration

We have made it quick and easy to integrate our great SMS system into your WordPress forms. Having an SMS functionality means that you will be able to receive text alerts anytime someone submits a form by configuring your options and selecting your fields you will be able to build your perfect WordPress from in minutes.

How to Integrate SMS with WordPress Gravity Forms gravity

RDB Pro Net - SMS Integration

You will be able to integrate your Text Marketer and RDB ProNet account in minutes. Simply open up an account with Text Marketer and if you use the promo code CHOICE and we will even give 100 credits completely free - so test away!

Then once you are up and running with your Text marketer account you can either read the simple easy to follow instructions below or even call the RDB support team on 01256 314 602.

How to Integrate SMS sending and receiving with RDB Pro Net 



Paragon - SMS Integration

Sending delivery notifications to your customers is a service that is very much appreciated by customers and proving very useful. Text Marketer has joined up with Paragon to allow their users the chance to send low cost SMS text messages to customers with delivery information and updates.

We don’t have any set-up fees or costly monthly fees - just simple cost effective SMS, and we even throw in 50 free credits for testing. Aren’t we nice.

How to Integrate SMS sending and receiving with Paragon Software paragon

Amphis CRM Software - SMS Integration

Managing contacts, quotes, invoices, statements and job sheets doesn’t have to be tasking and with our CRM Contact Management Software it isn’t. Simple tasks and payment reminders can be all be set up to send automatically and sent with ease.

The Amphis Customer Software also integrates with Outlook easily so handling appointments and emails are also not a problem.

How to Integrate SMS sending with Amphis CRM Software amphiscrm

SAGE ACT! - SMS Integration

More and more businesses are using SAGE as their accounting software so we have teamed up with them to provide you with the ability to integrate Text Marketer’s great SMS system with SAGE ACT! This means that you can now start sending SMS messages straight from SAGE - quickly and easily.

How to Integrate SMS sending with SAGE ACT! 

Microsoft Outlook - SMS Integration

Our simple Outlook SMS Plugin means that you can send SMS Text Messages straight from your Outlook account. We understand that many businesses hold all their contacts in their Microsoft Outlook accounts, so giving them the ability to send SMS text messages through our low cost Outlook SMS Gateway straight from their accounts - just made perfect sense.

ow to Integrate SMS sending with Microsoft Outlook outlook

OpenCRM - SMS Integration

OpenCRM offer a fantastic top quality CRM software solution, they are highly professional, knowledgeable and they work with your sales team to deliver the right results for you.

How to Integrate SMS sending with OpenCRM 


Salesforce.com - SMS Integration

Online CRM solutions enable your business to cut costs, this cloud computing technology delivers business software via the internet without all the expensive complicated licenses that go with them.

How to Integrate SMS sending with Salesforce.com salesforce

Capsule CRM - SMS Integration

This simple and affordable online CRM system is perfect for individuals and small businesses. With great features such as document storage, contact manager, email history, pipeline tracking and much more. Customise your fields and lists with the specific needs your require.

How to Integrate SMS sending with Capsule CRM 


Goldmine - SMS Integration

There are various editions of the Goldmine relationship management product line with each one designed to fit different specific needs, however all provide you with contact management, marketing automation, management functions and sales automation.

How to Integrate SMS sending with Goldmine 


Bond Adapt - SMS Integration

The world’s leading recruitment agencies use the incredible Bond International software which specialises in the support for the global staffing industry.

How to Integrate SMS sending with Bond Adapt 



Zendesk Software - SMS Integration

The Zendesk software allows you to store all your customer interactions all in one place so no customer will be missed out, organise and prioritise all your support requests and with our clever SMS Gateway you can now send SMS from the platform when you integrate with Text Marketer.

How to Integrate SMS sending with Zendesk Software 


Micros Opera - SMS Integration

Hospitality and retail industries benefit from the wonderful MICROS, which has a great selection of solutions that allow you to streamline your workflows and improve your customer service. Solutions include front office, back offices and central and web-based solutions.

How to Integrate SMS sending with Micros Opera 



Form2SMS - Standard HTML form to collect numbers and send SMS - SMS Integration

Form2SMS helps get your website visitors engaged with your website by giving them the chance to receive information about your business or particular products. By sending them product information and details by text message you can really start to boost your sales.

Any number that requests more information from you our system can automatically store that number for you for future reference and use.

How to Integrate SMS sending with Form2SMS HTML Form form2sms

Salon Iris - SMS Integration

We can offer you the chance to use the trial version of Salon Iris which is exactly the same as the real thing but just limits the amount of clients you can store. So why not give it a go the programme is incredibly simple to use and when you decide to upgrade and purchase the real software all you need to do is enter a serial number and away you go.

How to Integrate SMS sending with Salon Iris software salon iris

Integrate your software with our SMS Gateway

We have some great software companies that have integrated with our SMS gateway. We offer the some of the lowest SMS prices out there and a service and product that is second to none. So if you would like an SMS gateway integrated with your software then please get in contact and we would be happy to discuss the opportunity with you. You can also direct your software suppliers straight to our Developers Zone so they can have a look at some of guides and documentations on how to integrate with us.


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