UK SMS Marketing Partner for Agencies

We recognise that your choice of mobile marketing partner is a key decision. Text Marketer has a clear track record as a solid, proven and innovative SMS Marketing Agency.

Text Marketer has worked with over 110 marketing agencies in the UK.

How can your clients benefit?

Here, we've put together a brief 'menu' of the main mobile marketing applications that we've seen in action. It might give you some ideas for your clients.

• Text-enabled advertising - Drive higher response by offering a text response mechanic to advertising and all direct marketing...

• Text-enabled Web site - Don't let site visitors go without tempting them with a text response...

• Customer Communication - More responsive than any other direct marketing channel...

• Text to Win Competitions - Still surprisingly responsive and invaluable for building a mobile database for future campaigns...

• WAP sites - Think web site for your phone. Give consumers the information they're after at the point that they are most interested...

• Mobile Content - Reward and engage consumers with free branded stuff for their mobile - ringtones, logos, games etc...

• Text Clubs - Build a value added service with real consumer benefits...


Why Talk To Us?


We work with companies across a wide range of industry sectors and our clients list includes household brands such as; L'Oreal, Castrol, Golden Wonder, Halfords, Mercedes, Megabowl, Yates's Wine Bars, Zurich Life, Revlon.



Many mobile marketing applications are technically fairly straightforward. Our costing structure means that if it's simple to do you won't be charged huge set up and ongoing fees. We frequently win business by being able to quote competitively.


Account Management

Survey results revealed our customers to be 100% extremely satisfied. We achieve this by always ensuring that our customers take full benefit of our experience in implementing mobile marketing solutions. We constantly strive to ensure that programmes deliver 'bottom line' profit for your customers.



Mobile marketing is now firmly established as a serious marketing weapon but solutions need to capture the imagination of consumers and drive them to purchase. With each brief we respond to, we always ensure that our proposals are innovative, responsive and fun.



Any new initiative that helps your clients grow, will not only reflect well on your agency but will add a new profit centre to your business. Increasingly, brands are introducing specific mobile marketing budgets. Your agency can be amongst the first agencies to offer a comprehensive service that delivers profit to both you and your clients.


Text Marketer is an established SMS Marketing Agency, since 1999. We work with large PLC's and SME's alike across a broad spectrum of mobile marketing campaigns.


Tel: 01 536 30 18

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