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We make Bulk SMS simple, fast and very low cost. Our powerful and easy to use system comes free with loads of great features that will help you get the most out of mobile marketing.

Video Overview of Bulk SMS Services from Text Marketer

  • Very low cost per message

  • Free reply number

  • Free unsubscribe tool

  • URL Shortening tool


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Our Bulk SMS Prices

Text Credits Purchased
Price per Credit
1 -  9,999     5c
10,000 -  24,999     4.8c
25,000 -  49,999     4.6c
50,000 -  99,999     4.5c
100,000 -  249,999     4.4c
250,000 -  499,999     4.2c
500,000 -  999,999     4c
1 million +     call us

* No set up, monthly fee or contract

* Credits do not expire on live accounts*

* Non-IE texts use 2 credits

Low Cost Bulk SMS Service


Payment Flexibility

Pay instantly online by card or generate an invoice  to pay by bacs. Or, have the system automatically generate invoices when your credits get low.



Address Book

Easily upload and manage all your contacts and use your send to address book screen for quick selection of contacts.



Delivery Reporting

Full delivery reports for every message you send. Download to Excel or CSV



Long Messages

Send long text messages, up to 612 characters



Free Unsubscribe Tool

keep your campaigns legal by allowing people to opt out



Receive Replies

Receive replies to your messages with your own txtUs reply number



Text Autoresponders

Send customers a series of pre-scheduled text bulletins or offers



Send personalised messages

Merge data like names and account details to send tailored messages



Send automated replies by email

Send your customers a full html email as well as a text response



Store template messages in a library

Create and store all your message in one place



Transfer credits between accounts

Manage credit level in different account and record transfers



Set low sms credit warning alert

Receive a text and email alert when credits fall below a certain level



Recurring Invoicing

Generate an invoice automatically when you credits fall below a certain level.


What our clients say...

 “Excellent Product, Support, Documentation and Price”

Really impressed with the whole package, after looking at a few alternatives for integrating SMS to web projects, I found this by the documented API and was up and running very quickly. The customer service has been first class too. Real value for money.

 “5 Star value for money”

Simple as anything to sign up, great current promotion on, and the cheapest I found for this service. Can access from anywhere as your account is through the web. It also has the functionality to schedule messages, so you can have them all set up and sent whenever you want them to.

 “Suits our needs perfectly”

Text Marketer certainly live up to their tag line of them delivering and us saving. As well as this, they also deliver first class customer service to their clients. I highly recommend them.

 5 star service by Text Marketer

 5 star service by Text Marketer

 5 star service by Text Marketer

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About Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS put simply, means sending text messages in bulk – seems obvious now.

We have been supplying a Bulk SMS service since 1999 and now have some of the world’s biggest and best known brands sending SMS through our system. But Bulk SMS is not just for the big business giants - we wanted to make SMS available to every type of business, big or small.

That is why we have created easy-to-use web-based software which gives everyone the ability to be able to send SMS messages to their customers through their computer without complicated software to download or lengthy contracts to sign - just simple Bulk SMS.


Bulk SMS Prices

We offer the highest quality service at the lowest possible price.

With most bulk sms services the more you buy, the lower the price. However just like most things, you will always want to consider the quality.

When it comes to sending our SMS messages we only use Tier 1 which uses direct UK connections - this means you will be getting the highest quality of route for your message, meaning the best delivery rates at maximum speed.

We don’t use ‘grey routes’ like some of competitors as this means they will be sending your message via international routes which can often produce horrendous delays and bad/low delivery rates.

We have a wealth of experience in the text marketing industry sending billions of texts over the years. This experience means we get a much lower cost of SMS than our competition so we can pass the savings onto you.


Tel: 01 536 30 18

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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