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When to use different message lengths

Short and to the point. Short and sweet. Two sayings that are used in almost all walks of life, and that’s because people just want a straight answer. When being presented to, they don’t want to have to sit through 2 hours when 30 minutes would have sufficed. The same is said for SMS marketing, users don’t want to read reams and reams of text, when a simple short message would have done.

Different message lengths work well for different situations. You need to think about what the aim of your message is, do you want someone to purchase from you or are you just providing them with some information?

When selling, you want to get to the point quickly, your only task here is to sell a product, so extra information is not required. But if you need to inform a group of people with a large amount of information that they need to be able to access quickly, then including more content in your text message is fine.

Text Marketer Message Stat

But when should you go over the 1 message part? Is it even necessary or just a waste of time and money?

1 message part
160 characters is normally enough to get your information across, you can include a hook, a bit of information and a call to action. 1 message can be used for everything, and we tend to see when businesses need to add more information, they will include a link that their customers can click and read more.

Used for: sales, marketing, bulk updates, conversations, appointment reminders, delivery notifications

75% of all text messages that go out through the Text Marketer platform are 1-part messages

2 message parts
Going into a 2-part message is sometimes unavoidable. If your message is still simple, with 1 call to action, including more information about your sale, update, event or whatever you are trying to promote, a 2-part message is sometimes a good idea.

Used for: sales, marketing, bulk updates, conversations

20% of all text messages that go out through the Text Marketer platform are 2-part messages

3 message part
Very rarely do we see a 3-part sales message, 3-part messages are used for communication and rarely sent to thousands of people at once. They are more tailored to the recipient, including more information that the recipient needs to know.

Used for: personalised updates, conversations, internal business messages

4% of all text messages that go out through the Text Marketer platform are 3-part messages


We would never advice that you go into a 4-part message, this is just too long of a message, and when a user has to scroll to read the whole message, they will tend to just ignore. Remember, SMS stands for Short Message Service, with a huge emphasis on ‘short’, if you do go over 1 message part, you will incur an extra cost.

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