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How custom fields can be the key to success in SMS marketing

SMS marketing has an incredible open rate of 98% and within 3 minutes of delivery, 90% of those messages are read. It is no wonder why businesses love using SMS to communicate with their customers. Businesses love SMS because they know how easy it is to use, the amazing outcome it can generate, and all at an extremely low cost. Customers also love it because they get great offers and savings sent straight to their mobile phone.

Unfortunately, most businesses have now cottoned on to the amazing power that SMS gives them, and are already using SMS to send offers, updates, and more to their customers.

But fear not, there is a way that your business can stand above the rest when using SMS. Introducing custom fields . . .

Custom fields give businesses a way of sending the same message to thousands of people, but also making them extremely personal, making customers feel valued.

Custom fields can be used in many ways, from simply including the customers name, all the way through their pet’s name. You can include whatever personalisation that you think your customers would like.

Custom fields ie

With the huge potential that custom fields give businesses, we have expanded on a few great ways that you can use custom fields in your SMS marketing campaigns.

Include customers name
The easiest and most popular way to customise a text message is by including the customers name at the beginning on the message. The reason it is so popular, and we see so many messages going out with the first name custom field in is 2-fold.

1. Businesses generally already have customers name.
2. There is no better way to make a people feel special than by addressing them on a first name basis.

Appointment reminders
Text message appointment reminders are a great way to reduce missed appointments. The NHS saw that missed appointments were costing them millions and turned to SMS to help solve this.

Figures have suggested that more than twelve million GP appointments are missed each year in the UK, costing in excess of £162 million per year (Source: NHS England)

Your businesses may not be on the same scale as the NHS, and millions of pounds of lost revenue may be a bit steep to you, but this shows you that missed appointments can be a huge issue for all types of businesses.

Sending bulk personalised appointment reminders by text is so easy, simply upload all your appointments you have for the following week, include their name, date, time, location, and any other information that you feel the customer might need. Then send a bulk text messaged with all this information in.

Unique offers
Another popular way that we see custom fields being used in SMS messages is to send bulk personalised offers. Some of your customers may be more valuable to you than others, and you feel rewarding them with an increased offer is better. So by using custom fields, you can send the same message and offer different savings to different customers.

Your most loyal customers could get a message offering them 40% off and your other customers get an offer giving them 10% – it is always good to keep your loyal customers happy, these are the most

Custom fields in your Message Box account
It is really easy to add custom fields into your Message Box account. You simply need to add these custom fields into your excel spreadsheet, along with the customers number, then upload this into a new contact group.

Excel custom field

After creating your excel spreadsheet, login to your Message Box account and click ‘Managed Contacts’, this will take you to where you can upload and manage your contacts. From here click ‘New’ under ‘Groups’ and name your new group.

A pop-up box will appear once you have named your group, click ‘Yes’ and select your excel spreadsheet to upload. Drag and drop your custom fields and any other fields you have included to match the headers.

You can now send a mass text message out to all the group and include different offers to each customer.


Using custom fields is an easy and a great way to make your customers feel like VIPs and no extra cost of effort.

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