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How vets are using SMS to keep pet owners happy

With 87% of people always having their smartphone at their side day and night, there is no better way to get in contact with customers than text messaging. Not only is a simple SMS message quick and easy, if you use an online SMS platform you can schedule your messages, send bulk personalised messages, track clicks on URLs, the list goes on and on. And what is great, it is an affordable solution for all businesses, big or small.

There are thousands of big and small businesses across Ireland that use SMS, from restaurants, retail stores, local takeaways, banks, dentists and so on. We have noticed over the past few months another sector jumping on the so called ‘SMS bandwagon’ . . . Veterinary practices.

Yes that’s right, vets are using SMS to communicate with their customers, keeping them up to date with their pet’s appointments and sending them marketing messages.

Vets Ireland

We love our pets just as much as we do our friends and family members, they are an extension to our family and not just an add on. So knowing that their surgery was a success and that they are being looked after is vitally important, and a simple text message could do this along with lots more.

There are tons of ways that Vets can use SMS, so we have added the 3 most popular ways below to give you an idea of how your veterinary practice could use SMS and keep your customers happy.

Send appointment reminders
There is nothing more frustrating than someone not turning up to an appointment, the missed appointment could have been given to someone who really needed it. It costs businesses millions every year, with the NHS finding out that they could save £162m a year using SMS as a reminder service (Source: NHS England).

So a simple text message which includes the time and date of appointment, an easy way that the customer could change the appointment if required, and any other information your customers require could save you thousands.

“Hi Clive, you have an appointment tomorrow at 13:30 for Wilfred’s annual check-up. If you can’t make it, please call us on 0123 456 7890”

Marketing and sales
Marketing and sales is not just for huge retail stores, any business that sells something can use SMS as a marketing or sales tool. If you have just got a new range of toys for cats, why not send a text message to all your customers who own a cat.

It is easy to send bulk targeted marketing messages about products or extra services you provide. Offering a service that some of your customers don’t have, won’t come across as a sales pitch, it will come across as you caring about your customers and their pets.

“We have a huge sale on all cat food this week. Get a massive 40% off all cat food – hurry ends Sunday 26th August”

Keeping customers updated
The best way to keep customers happy is keeping them up to date with what you are doing and what you have planned. Sending your customers a text message with your opening times over the Christmas period, with an out of hours number to call if there is an emergency, will go down a treat. It means your customers know you are thinking of them, and it may even prompt one or two to make an appointment that they kept putting off.

You could also set up automatic purchase text messages when a customer has placed an order, with another going out with delivery information on it.

“Hi Sophie, your order for the Johns Super Soft Dog Bed has been dispatched and will be with you in the next 1-2 working days. We hope you enjoy it and if you have any queries please visit our website”


If your veterinary practice doesn’t use SMS, what are you waiting for? Sign up to a free account today and get 10 free credits to test with.

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