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10 exciting mobile marketing stats for 2016

So 2015 was certainly the year of the mobile but the way things are heading so will 2016… and 2017… and 2018… you can see where this is going. There is little doubt that mobile is consistently moving to the top of everyone’s most popular media device.

With the addition of wearable tech and the well-awaited Apple Watch hitting the shelves in Ireland, mobile is more than just a phone in the palm of your hands. The brilliance of wearable tech that expands upon your phone is that it is possible to reach people on the go every minute of the day.

Everyday life is made simpler by the use of our phones whether you’re trying to total up a restaurant bill or catch up on the latest news,right through to making quick and secure payments while on the move, which is why so many of us feel lost without one.

This may explain why Ireland has more mobile phone subscriptions than people.

There are an estimated 4.6 million people living in Ireland with 4.7 million mobile phone subscriptions (ComReg)

They could be sat at home or on public transport, sending emails, texting, shopping, reading…all ready and waiting for something new to grab their attention. With this amount of mobile phones, a customer could be one click away from being where you want them to be.

Despite the increase of accessibility to the online world with smartphone data usage having increased 400% over the last two years – don’t let sluggish January hold you back!

68% of marketers believe their organisation under performs in the area of mobile marketing (Marketing Institute of Ireland)

This is the year to grab the horse by the reigns and delve in to SMS marketing like never before, especially when 93% of people who research products on their phones will go on to make a purchase. (Nielson)

If you’re not convinced already then take a look at these 10 exciting stats that will get you fired up to make a start on your next mobile marketing campaign.

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Amazing mobile marketing stats 2016 - Ireland

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