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Smartphone reigns supreme

Smartphone vs desktop stats

It’s already won the hearts of your customers, but what about your business?

The smartphone is seen in the hands of pretty much every consumer, and we’re sure you’ve had enough of hearing how ‘mobilegeddon’ is here and that the world is going mobile mad.

In business, it is now no longer a question of whether it is time for your business to go mobile, but how. New smartphone statistics released recently show this. And while many business and marketers are already reaping the rewards along their mobile marketing journey there are still some, maybe even you, who are missing out.

And for those people, there is the infographic below…

With stats that show that mobile is blowing just about every other device out of the water with domination like no other, there is no longer a question that ‘mobilegeddon’ is going to happen, but proof that it has.

But what is your business going to do about it?

As technical advances around us increase, from faster internet to more on demand services, on-the-go communications and improved experiences, the smartphone has a lot to answer for.

Some of these smartphone stats may leave you shaking in your boots, but it’s time to put down the direct mail plans, stop typing that email and line up some SMS messages.

Get your messages seen, read and heard. Take a look at the smartphone supremacy hitting the world below.

Mobile domination infographic Ireland

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