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So, you love your Mum more than your Dad?

Could bad jokes and embarrassing dance moves be to blame for our lack of appreciation for Dads on Father’s Day?

The imminent celebration of Dad’s worldwide takes place this Sunday, and we’re asking – do our consumers love Mum more than Dad?

Consumers spend 3 times (75%) more on Mums on Mother’s Day than Dads
on Father’s day (The Drum)

Each year the same adverts adorn our television screens and emails offering discounts on ‘Dad’s driving anthems’ compilation CDs, ‘Number 1 Dad slippers’ and novelty mugs of our favourite celebrity Dads – and each year we’re pretty sure when Dad’s receive them they just think “It’s another to add to the collection.”

54% of Dads think that that their kids choice of gifts reflect how well their son or daughter knows them (Breaking Dad) so why not plant the seed of change in your mobile marketing campaigns this week by prompting sons, daughters, grandchildren and spouses to think outside the box with a subtle special offer or gentle reminder that your brand is there for their Dad, Grandad, husband or partner.

A simple way of knowing if your campaign has worked will just involve comparing previous non-mobile marketing years figures against this years or simply send out a relevant offer code for use on your website or in store to monitor the results.

Help your consumers make Dad feel like number one this Father’s Day with a mobile marketing campaign that shows they can love Mum just as much as Dad on Sunday!

Why do consumers love their Mums more than their Dads
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Why do consumers love their Mums more than their Dads
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