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Want to treble your wages – learn how here

Well that title made you click didn’t it.

You here various stats and statistics about how long people will actually look at your promotional poster, TV advert, email or even text message. The modern attention span seems to be getting smaller and smaller so it is important you grab your customers attention as quickly as possible.

When it comes to writing and producing articles on the internet it is all about views and getting people to click, this is why across social media you will see a sea of articles with very clickable titles such as ‘Tiger plays chess with man’ or ‘Adorable baby rescues puppy from fire’.

Most of the articles turn out to be not exactly what was said on the tin however they get shared across the web in vast numbers creating a buzz and causing the article in question to go viral.

We designed an infographic titled ‘This will make you more attractive to girls if you read it’ which was featured on many business and marketing sites such as Social Media Today and Marketing Profs. On the website it has had over 28 thousand views!

It was all about how businesses need to be attractive to women as they make a lot of the purchasing decisions in the household, so not a complete fabrication regarding the title just not exactly what it said on the tin.

So how do you grab your customers attention in a text message?

The opening line is very important as it is what will decide whether they read the rest of the message.

Be creative, different and brave. Be funny, ask a question or make a statement.

You want to get your customers excited and intrigued so they will read the rest of your message and get to the call of action in your message.

Hopefully this infographic below will give you some food for thought and get your creative juices flowing.

And if you have clicked on this article just to find out how to treble your wages then work harder, better, faster and ask the boss politely!


How can you treble your wages? Catchy titles are a good start in this infographic.
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